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A blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) chart is a useful tool to explain how alcohol is processed by the human body.

In Texas, it is illegal to drive with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) level above 0.08. It’s important to understand that men and women process alcohol differently. Contact me for a free case review if you were charged with Driving While Intoxicated in New Braunfels, San Marcos, Seguin, Austin, or San Antonio.

The heavier you are, the harder it will be to raise your BAC. In addition, alcohol is a toxic chemical to our body, so it takes a while for your metabolism to process it. In other words, it takes time for you to feel its effects. 

Usually, a person will have a few drinks, feel fine, and then decide to drive. While driving, their blood alcohol will start to increase as their body processes the alcohol. Ultimately, this causes relatively sober drivers to become inebriated and eventually pulled over by law enforcement.

Contact me for a free case review if you are charged with Driving While Intoxicated in Comal County or other Central Texas counties such as Hays County, Guadalupe County, Travis County, or Bexar County.

Number of Drinks Per HourM/FM/FM/FM/FM/FM/FM/FM/F
1 drink in 1 hour.02/.03.02/.02.01/.02.01/.01.00/.01.00/01.00/.00.00/.00
1 drink in 2 hours.01/.02.00/.01.00/.00.00/.00.00/.00.00/.00.00/.00.00/.00
1 drink in 3 hours.00/.01.00/.00.00/.00.00/.00.00/.00.00/.00.00/.00.00/.00
2 drinks in 2 hours.03/.04.03/.04.02/.03.01/.02.01/.02.00/.01.00/.00.00/.00
2 drinks in 3 hours.02/.03.01/.03.00/.01.00/.01.00/.00.00/.00.00/.00.00/.00
2 drinks in 1 hour.06/.07.05/.06.04/.05.03/.04.03/,03.02/.03.02/.02.02/.02
3 drinks in 3 hours.06/.09.05/.06.03/.05.02/.03.01/.03.01/.02.00/.01.00/.01
3 drinks in 2 hours.08/.10.07/.09.05/.06.04/05.03/.04.02/.03.02/.03.01/.02
3 drinks in 1 hour.10/.12.08/.10.07/.08.06/.07.05/.06.04/.05.04/.05.03/.04
4 drinks in 4 hours.09/.11.06./.08.04/.06.03/.05.02/.03.01/.02.00/.02.00/.01
4 drinks in 3 hours.10/.13.08/.10.06/.08.05/06.03/.05.03/.04.02/.03.01/.03
4 drinks in 2 hours.12/.15.09/.12.08/.10.06/.08.05/.07.04/.06.04/.05.03/.04
5 drinks in 5 hours.11/.14.08/.11.04/.08.04/.06.02/.04.01/.03.00/.02.00/.00
5 drinks in 4 hours.13/16.09/.12.09/.10.05/.07.04/.06.03/.05.02/.04.01/.03
5 drinks in 3 hours.14/.18.11/.14.07/.09.07/.09.06/.08.05/.06.04/.05.03/.04
5 drinks in 2 hours.16/.19.13/16.10/.13.09/.11.07/.09.06/.08.05/.07.00/.00