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Facing a drug-related charge in Texas is no small matter. The state and federal governments have enacted stringent laws, causing the need for an experienced drug defense lawyer to be more crucial than ever. Whether you’re in Austin, Round Rock, New Braunfels, San Marcos, or somewhere else in Central Texas, criminal defense attorney Lance Kennedy has the expertise and dedication you need when the stakes are this high.

Drug crimes encompass a broad range of offenses, from possession and distribution to manufacturing and trafficking of various controlled substances. Despite the seemingly minor role of a courier in a drug transaction, they may face a minimum of ten years in prison. Even possessing a small amount of cocaine intended for personal use is considered a felony in Texas.

Unreasonable Search & Seizures

If you find yourself charged with a drug crime in Central Texas, your first step should be to contact a trusted drug lawyer like Lance Kennedy. I offer a free case review to discuss your circumstances and develop a strategic defense plan that suits your case’s unique complexities.

Every drug case attorney will tell you that a solid drug defense must begin with a Fourth Amendment evaluation. The United States Constitution provides us with protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. This clause means that law enforcement officers must have a legitimate reason to stop, detain, or search you. Suppose the police officer makes an illegal stop or search of you. In that case, the judge can exclude any evidence the police seized from the trial. The State may dismiss your case if the prosecutor cannot use the evidence against you.

For example, an officer cannot just detain you and search you. An officer cannot just pull your car over and search your vehicle without an acceptable reason. These issues often arise in drug cases and provide a defense to your charge.

As part of my defense of drug charges, I always consider:

    • How the officer came into contact with you
    • How long the officer detained you
    • What legal reason the officer had to search you, your car, or your home
    • The search warrant, if any
    • If it was a search incident to arrest if the arrest was valid

Every strong drug charge defense should start with an analysis of the search and seizure issues.

Drug Crimes Defense – Links to the Drugs

To convict someone of drug possession, the State must link the defendant to the contraband; the State must produce some evidence showing that the accused had knowledge of and exercised control over the drugs.

For example, it is not enough for the State to show that the accused was in a location where the police found the drugs. Having other people access a car or home where the drugs were found is also not sufficient.

Drug Attorney Defense – Quantity

In many cases, the quantity of drugs found plays a significant role. Sometimes, if the quantity of drugs found is minuscule, the state may dismiss the case. For instance, a marijuana case must have a “usable quantity,” and in a cocaine case, if the amount cannot be seen or measured, it may not be sufficient to support a conviction.

As your drug crime defense lawyer, Lance Kennedy will consider every angle of your case, including how the officer came into contact with you, how long they detained you, the legality of the search, the search warrant, if any, and the validity of the arrest. With his extensive knowledge of Texas law practice areas, Lance Kennedy is the drug attorney you need when dealing with the complex legal landscape surrounding drug charges in Texas.

Alternative Treatment for Drug Charges

For first-time drug offenders or those struggling with addiction, seeking treatment may positively impact the case. Enrolling in an outpatient program, attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings, or meeting with an addiction therapist may demonstrate a commitment to overcoming addiction. Providing clean drug tests to the prosecutor can show signs of progress and a serious attitude to beating addiction. This effort often helps those new to the criminal justice system and can lead to a mitigation of punishment, such as reducing a felony to a misdemeanor.

Navigating the complex landscape of drug laws in Texas can be daunting. However, Lance Kennedy, a knowledgeable drug defense lawyer, is here to guide you. If you are charged with a drug crime in Comal County or other Central Texas counties such as Hays County, Guadalupe County, Travis County, or Bexar County, please contact me for a free case review.

Drug Crimes and Your Future

Drug charges can have far-reaching effects on your future, including limitations on employment opportunities, difficulties in obtaining housing, loss of certain federal benefits, and even possible deportation for non-citizens. In light of these potential consequences, it’s crucial to hire a drug crime defense attorney to minimize the negative impact of drug charges on your life.

Lance Kennedy understands that every client and case is unique. As your drug case attorney, he will fight diligently to protect your rights and pursue the best possible outcome. Whether it’s advocating for drug treatment alternatives, seeking a reduction in charges, or vigorously representing you at trial, Lance Kennedy is committed to helping you navigate this challenging time.

Don’t let a drug charge define your future. With an experienced drug defense attorney like Lance Kennedy by your side, you can confidently face your charges and work towards securing a favorable outcome.

Contact Lance Kennedy, Your Drug Defense Attorney

Having an experienced drug attorney who understands the specificities of Texas drug laws can make all the difference in your case. Lance Kennedy’s extensive expertise in Texas law practice areas ensures a comprehensive and well-versed defense. Moreover, he is well-acquainted with the drug laws across all the targeted locations like Austin, Round Rock, New Braunfels, and San Marcos.

But remember, time is of the essence in drug cases. The sooner you reach out to a drug defense lawyer, the quicker you can start building your defense. If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug crime in Central Texas, don’t hesitate to reach out for a FREE case review.

Lance Kennedy, a dedicated and experienced drug crime defense attorney, is ready to fight for you. If you have been charged with a drug crime in Central Texas, don’t face the complexities of the legal system alone. Know more about Lance Kennedy and how he can help your case.

Drug Lawyer Frequently Asked Questions:

What are drug crimes, and what types of offenses fall under this category?

Drug crimes refer to offenses that involve controlled substances. These crimes can range from simple possession for personal use to more severe charges like manufacturing and trafficking. For more details about specific offenses and their penalties in Texas, please visit our Texas Study Drug Laws page.

What is the charge for first-time drug possession in Texas?

The charge for first-time drug possession in Texas can vary depending on the type and quantity of the drug. For more information about your defense options, please refer to our FAQs.

What should I do if I am charged with a drug crime in Central Texas?

If you’re charged with a drug crime in Central Texas, your first step should be to contact an experienced drug crime defense lawyer like Lance Kennedy. With experience in various federal law practice areas, he has the expertise needed to secure a favorable outcome for your case!

How long can you go to jail for drugs in Texas?

The length of incarceration for drug crimes in Texas depends on several factors, including the type and quantity of the drug, previous convictions, and whether the crime was committed near a school or involved minors.

How can a drug crime defense attorney help in my case?

A drug case attorney can scrutinize the circumstances surrounding your arrest, evaluate the validity of search and seizure, contest the prosecution’s evidence, and represent your best interests in court.

To equip yourself with more information, feel free to explore our resources. Remember, an informed decision about your drug crime defense lawyer is the first step to a successful defense!

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