The City Called to Him

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The City Called to Him is about a man, known only as the Wanderer, having returned to the city of his youth only to find it profoundly changed. The City, once a vibrant place filled with activity and life, is now a dreary, desolate corpse-stricken charnel-house ruled over by a sorceress known only as the Mother. This book is a true work of literature whose importance will not be lost on those seeking to grasp a deeper understanding of the human mind and all its peculiarities. The Wanderer for us should be as a new Odysseus, come at last after so many years to liberate his home from the evils that have befallen it. The City Called to Him is recommended to those who have an interest in fantasy as well anyone interested in psychology and the human condition.

The book contains ten original illustrations by Rolling Stone-featured musician SORNE, a die-stamped hardcover binding, and dust jacket featuring artwork by Italian illustrator Umberto D’Ottavio. Each copy is signed and numbered by the author and hand-stamped with his personal seal. Only 100 copies are available of this limited-edition volume.


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