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The Real Cost of a DWI in Austin

How much does a Austin DWI cost? Being charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Austin or Central Texas is expensive. Being convicted of a DWI can destroy you financially. It’s impossible to put a price tag on what it’s worth to avoid imprisonment and the potential of a permanent criminal conviction.

  • How Much Does a Austin DWI Cost? A court can impose a $6,000 fine for a first or second DWI. A felony DWI fine can be $10,000.

skilled DWI lawyer can fight for a dismissal, mitigate consequences, save time and money, and get your life back.

  • How Much Does a DUI Cost? Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a Class C Misdemeanor. This offense is only applicable to drivers under the age of 21. There is zero tolerance for minor drivers suspected of drinking any alcohol. The maximum fine for a DUI is $500.

Can a DWI be dismissed in Austin?

Texas prosecutors dismiss DWI charges every day. But DWI dismissals are fought for, not given. A DWI in Texas is usually over $10,000. Avoiding a DWI conviction at all costs is essential for your financial future.  

  • Do I Need a Austin DWI Lawyer? Yes. Everyone charged with DWI or DUI in Austin should hire an attorney. A criminal conviction is permanent. It’s crucial to do everything possible to avoid a final conviction. The first step in developing a defense is hiring an experienced defense attorney.
  •  How Much Does a DWI Lawyer Cost? Thousands of dollars. The cost of DWI representation varies widely. Most criminal defense attorneys price their DWI and DUI services at a flat rate.
  •  The Cost of a Top DWI Lawyer Nothing is more expensive than an unskilled lawyer—experience counts. The best business attorney in the world probably does not know how to defend you against a DWI charge. The “experience” provided is also significant. Communication leads to confidence and better outcomes.

Other DWI Costs

In addition to the cost of hiring an attorney, the Texas Legislature built several one-time and recurring charges into the DWI process in Texas. They can add up quickly. 

  • Towed Vehicle Costs

Police generally tow vehicles involved in a DWI arrest. The cost to get a car from the impound is around $300. The impound can add additional daily fees. These fees quickly become costly. 

  • Bonds in a DWI Case

Every defendant in Texas is eligible for a bond. They can post bail, allowing the jail to release the defendant before the parties resolve the case. Bond amounts for DWI vary.

  • How Much Does Ignition Interlock Cost? 

Judges typically release DWI defendants on bond. However, bonds come with expensive conditions. The ignition interlock device (IID) is the most common for DWI charges. Texas law requires defendants to install one in their vehicle as a condition of bond for all repeat DWIs. Defendants must install these devices in all vehicles they drive, costing approximately $100 per month to maintain.

  • Drug Testing in Texas DWI Cases 

Judges often require DWI offenders to be drug tested while on bond. Suppose your DWI case results in Community Supervision or Deferred Adjudication. In that case, the judge will require you to pay for and be drug tested. The cost of testing and analysis ranges from $10 – $25. 

Cost of a DWI License Suspension

The vast majority of DWI defendants will have their Driver’s License suspended. Suspensions are caused by refusing to give a breath or blood sample or the Blood Alcohol Concentration being above the legal limit. DWI defendants may apply for an Occupational Driver’s License. An ODL enables defendants to drive legally during the license suspension. 

  • How Much Does ALR Hearing Cost? 

The Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing gives your attorney a chance to defend againt a DWI charge. It is the only way to prevent a suspension of a Texas Driver’s license. You need to ask your attorney if they include the ALR hearing in the total legal representation fee or if it is a separate charge.

  • What Does an Occupational License Cost?

The Occupational License process can be pretty expensive. In addition to the filing and legal fees associated with the ALR hearing, there are also insurance and DPS reinstatement fees. Occupational Licenses can easily cost over $1,000.

How much are the court costs for a DWI?

The court cost is separate from fines in a DWI case. Court costs in a DWI case range from $200 – $500. If the prosecution dismisses the DWI charge, there are no court costs. Fighting for a dismissal is another way an experienced DWI lawyer can reduce costs. 

  • How Much Does a DUI Cost in Austin? DUI is a Class C Misdemeanor. It is only applicable to drivers under 21 years old. Texas law caps the maximum fine at $500. There are typically no court costs unless a defendant requests a jury trial and is convicted.

How much does DWI probation cost?

Community supervision, or probation, can be a positive result in certain DWI cases. A dismissal can follow Deferred Adjudication probation. Every Texas county charges a monthly probation supervisory fee. These fees vary widely but often fall between $50 – $100. 

  • What Does DWI Education and Victim Impact Cost? DWI Education and the Victim Impact Panel classes are typical requirements of all DWI probation conditions in Texas. These classes cost hundreds of dollars.
  •  How Much Does DWI Probation Violation Cost? DWI probation violations are expensive. After a probation violation, the State files a motion to revoke probation. A judge then issues an arrest warrant.

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